Weekly Groups for Mental Health Practitioners

Weekly group for therapists who want to foster therapeutic presence and spontaneity and to integrate experiential investigation and mindful-awareness with their clients.

When we are present and spontaneous, we have access to the qualities of openness of mind and freshness of approach. Habitual patterns loosen their grip and we can feel the relaxation of any kind of excessive censorship.

As therapists, we experience many difficult moments that leave us feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. It would be much better if we could relate to those moments, not as failures, but as opportunities for growth. We want to orient in this direction. This takes practice.


A primary question addressed by embodied self-awareness is how we pay attention to our body/heart-mind experience. Coming into the body in real time – coming into this sensate experience strengthens our capacity to be present. We want to feel our grounding and stability and, when necessary, recognize our shakiness and uncertainty. Being present makes it easier to course correct, ground and settle. We do this over and over. We cultivate an attitude of kindness and friendliness.

In this experiential and supportive group, therapists will have the opportunity to discuss and explore challenges that arise within their role as therapists.

We will use guided meditations that support our exploration of our reactivity with a kind curiosity and examine other more skillful responses.

We will practice deep listening and skillful dialogue.

We will use experiential role play to explore challenging situations.

Groups are offered in 3 six-week modules. You have the option to attend one, two or all three.

CP and TEP credits are available upon request.

Wednesdays from 12-2 pm (ET), via Zoom

This program will begin in October 2023

Fee: $300s.

Mindful Awareness is an embodied practice! We can define it as “Non-self-referential, non-judgmental, moment-to-moment awareness, infused with kindness.” Mindful Awareness allows us to have more direct and intimate contact with our experiences — with what is present, both internally and interpersonally.

Every time we willingly come back to the breath and the experiential body; we become more present. In Mindful Awareness, we are not so interested in the question of “Why?” but rather, “What?”. What is stirring, what is arising and how.

I am available to provide additional supervision support to therapists working in demanding agency, hospital or clinical settings.

I am also available to supervise MSW students and LMSW’s who are gaining hours toward their LCSW licensure.

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