For many clients, the entry point to healing is in relating their story to someone who will listen with open-ness, acceptance and kindness.

Ultimately, that is what each of us is learning to do for ourselves, within ourselves. We are cultivating an internal environment that is open, accepting and kind.

I work primarily with dialogue, but because I am also a Trainer, Educator, and Practitioner (TEP) of psychodrama, we can also explore issues experientially. We might use more embodied techniques such as the “empty chair” exercise or role-reversal. This shifts our approach from “tell me” to “show me” embodied experience.

I work with individuals for short, intermittent periods as well as long-term, according to personal needs. When needed and helpful, I work collaboratively with other health care professionals in a network of support. 

It’s important to see early on whether we will be a good match, so I encourage anyone who wants to work with me to begin with a consultation session. 

Doxy and Zoom are teletherapy options that I frequently use.