It’s said that there is nothing more challenging than another person. This is definitely true, but I would like to add; there is nothing more rewarding. 

I usually meet with couples for sessions that last 75 minutes, (one and a half sessions). Our initial consultation will last for two hours.

While talking is our primary modality, because of my experiential training I have the option, where helpful, to integrate talk with action methods such as family-of-origin sculpting and role-reversal. In other words, I might ask couples to show, not tell.

Action methods often help people to have a more embodied experience and understanding of the dynamics that may be interfering with their relationship. 

Additionally, I draw upon the theories of “attachment”. They help explain our biological need to bond with others. They help us to identify the differing styles of coping developed earlier in our lives in response to challenging relationships.

I find the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy to be particularly useful. It explains the normal and natural stages and struggles encountered by couples.

This model provides a structure for couples therapy, helping couples identify where they stand in the evolution of their coupledom. Together, we can target specific treatment interventions.