Time In Program

All workshops are held on Sunday afternoons, 1:30-3:30 ET unless otherwise notified. Please email Jaye Moyer to make a reservation.

In this new series we will explore living from the heart and cultivating the heart space.

Each Sunday we will explore a different topic that can support us and help us to nurture our hearts and live with more vitality. We will interweave mindful awareness and compassion practices with experiential investigation and group and dyad sharing.

Jan 16


What does it mean to live with purpose and intentionality? Today we are going to focus on what these questions. We will define Purpose and explore the embodiment of it in our lives.Online
Feb 20


Patience is the capacity to stay. The opposite of patience is frustration and anger. They fray the roots of patience. What is our relationship with patience? How do we grow it? Can we hold obstacles like frustration and anger with care and Patience?Online
Mar 20

3rd Grit

Grit, like perseverance, is our willingness to follow through and to not give in. It is a kind of tenacity. Often, we don't follow-through or we give up because we feel overwhelmed and inadequate. What do we need to do to stay with it? Resources within and outside are available to bolster our Grit.Online
May 15

Letting go

The act of Letting go creates Uncertainty but also makes space for Possibility. What would Letting Go look like for you? And what do we need to let go of that no longer serves us? What blocks the path to greater Freedom in your life - in your body, your heart and your relationships.Online
Jun 26

Loving kindness

Loving Kindness, or “Metta” is the rich soil out of which grows compassion. Loving Kindness draws upon our deepest motivation. It is a practice of words and speech that provides a wish of comfort and care. It is a balm for what is difficult. It is the language of “we.”Online

Our “Time In” series continues the 2nd Sunday of every month.

What does it mean to live a more intimate life? How do we become more attuned to ourselves and others? Together, we create a supportive environment that encourages and inspires.

In each meeting, we offer a new investigation and reflection, weaving meditation, group process and experiential investigation. Our workshops practice mindfulness, which we defined as a non-judgmental, non-self-referential posture of caring attention that orients toward well-being and creativity.

You don’t have to be a meditation practitioner. We welcome all levels of experience. The only expertise we require is an open mind and a desire to experience. (CP credits available to those who are interested.)

All workshops are held on selected Sunday afternoons 1:30-3:00 PM via Zoom and are offered freely.  

Please check in – our later workshops may be Live in NYC!

How it works

Every month, we will send out a short video trailer.

We will share a guided meditation, followed by experiential exploration and time for group reflection. (

IntegralTherapy is expanding our CE training program for mental health practitioners and creative arts therapists. 

(CP PAT will be available for a fee.) CE credits available with separate registration and fee.)

More information about our meetings and trainings is available at www.JayeMoyer.com

If you are interested and would like to attend, please send Jaye an email at Jayemoyer@gmail.com. We’ll send you a Zoom invitation and a reminder half an hour before the workshop begins.


There is a long tradition of offering meditation instruction with no expectation of payment. Our “Time In” group and Jaye’s “Drop-In” sits are offered in this tradition: we expect no fee.

“Dana” is a part of this tradition. The recipient of our offering might consider offering some amount based on a combination of perceived value and personal means. In the freedom of this exchange we open to the heart aspect appreciation, kindness, and gratitude.

In this spirit, we receive what is freely offered.


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