Jaye Moyer

Presence, Spontaneity, Compassion

My intention for our work is to help you relate to your problems as
opportunities for awakening and growth, rather than obstacles that must be uprooted. 

Compassion and humor are essential keys to emotional health and the relief of chronic unhappiness. I believe that our “problems” really aren’t the issue. Our “problem” is how we respond.

My Approach

My approach is to attend to difficult feelings with kind curiosity in a “holding environment” – a safe, supportive and encouraging space. This may seem to be counterintuitive, but healing is about embracing all parts of ourselves, even the “worst” parts, the parts of us that are most difficult to turn towards.


.In simply slowing down, we find that we have access to more choice in our response.


When we are feeling distressed, we often forget that there is a larger view

Our Resources

Suggested Reading

From articles to books, our list of suggested reading will help you learn more about psychotherapy, innate compassion, and mindful awareness.

Useful Links

We have gathered links to various websites, such as Integral Therapy and Natural Dharma Fellowship, you may find useful in exploring.



For many clients, the entry point to healing is in relating his or her story to someone who will listen with openness, acceptance, and kindness.

I work with individuals for short, intermittent periods as well as long-term courses. There is no “one size fits all”.

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It’s said that there is nothing more challenging than another person. This is definitely true, but I would like to add, there is nothing more rewarding.

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The experience of suffering connects us to each other. Even if the source of our suffering appears different, each of us nevertheless experiences loss, impermanence, disappointment and vulnerability in the same way.

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Online Mentoring & Coaching

Like our clients, therapists also need a safe, caring place to unload, to talk about difficulties and challenges, to acknowledge limitations and growing edges, to take comfort, and to laugh.

Online mentoring sessions for therapists and mental health practitioners help bring more presence and spontaneity to the role.

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EPIC; Embodiment, presence, intimate inquiry, compassion.
Schedule TBA.

Drop-In Meditation

A nice way to start and support your day.
Come in for a soft landing.
Center, ground, and consider a simple reflection.
All are welcome.

Join Jaye Wednesdays mornings
9:30-10:15 AM (Eastern) via Zoom.

This sitting is offered freely.
Anyone interested should contact Jaye for a Zoom link.

Email for the Zoom link

Mindful Awareness

Mindful awareness can be simply defined as moment-to-moment awareness. It is paying attention to our surroundings, our experience, and our reaction as each moment arrives and passes.

By practicing mindful awareness, we are learning how to be with what is occurring, without perpetually getting hooked into our stories.

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“I have deep gratitude for all the learning experiences I have had with Jacquie and Jaye. They have an inspiring gentle presence that they bring to all of their workshops… Jacquie and Jaye have perfectly merged the here & now philosophy of psychodrama with the practice of mindfulness allowing people to develop and rehearse the behaviors of compassion… I encourage every clinician to learn from Jacquie and Jaye as it will grow your own compassion, bring the practice of compassion to your clients, which indeed transforms our communities and world.”

Scottie Urmey, LCSW, TEP

Psychodrama, New Jersey