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Each Sunday we will explore a different topic that can support us and help us to nurture our hearts and live with more vitality. We will interweave mindful awareness and compassion practices with experiential investigation and group and dyad sharing.

We live in a fast-paced culture which prioritizes competition, striving, and achievement. With these values we lose touch with our bodies, our hearts, ourselves, and as a result what truly matters. When we are aware, we can more wisely choose actions that connect us to ourselves and others.

In our time-in together, we slow down from our busy lives.

We take time –in to allow our body and breath to settle and calm through mindful awareness and meditation. We turn our focus inward so that we can orient toward our own well- being. Guided and other supportive practices including guided meditations, experiential investigation, group, and personal sharing are also offered.

Each month we will explore a different topic and quality that can help us to nurture our hearts and live with more vitality and presence and compassion. All done with a light touch and a playful tone!

We meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month, from 1:30 to 3:30 PM, ET (all on Zoom).

You don’t have to be a meditation practitioner. We welcome all levels of experience. The only expertise we require is an open mind and a desire to experience. (CP credits available to those who are interested.)

If you are interested and would like to attend, please send Jaye an email at Jayemoyer@gmail.com. We’ll send you a Zoom invitation and a reminder half an hour before the workshop begins.


There is a long tradition of offering meditation instruction with no expectation of payment. Our “Time In” group and Jaye’s “Drop-In” sits are offered in this tradition: we expect no fee.

“Dana” is a part of this tradition. The recipient of our offering might consider offering some amount based on a combination of perceived value and personal means. In the freedom of this exchange we open to the heart aspect appreciation, kindness, and gratitude.

In this spirit, we receive what is freely offered.


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