CE-Qualified Training

In addition to being an LCSW, I am a Trainer, Educator and Practitioner, (TEP). I train therapists in psychotherapy, sociometry and group psychotherapy. In addition, I offer CEU-training for mental health practitioners and creative arts therapists.

Our training programs integrate mindful awareness and compassion practices with the therapeutic processes that can be applied to individuals, couples and groups. I work with the spectrum of mental health workers. The participants in my personal growth groups can earn hours towards psychodrama credentials.

2/20/2022 – The Relational Field of Compassion

2/20/2022 – The Relational Field of Compassion

Training for Social Workers, Licensed Creative Arts Therapists, and Mental Health Practitioners. An Experiential Training Mindful awareness, coupled with compassion practices, teaches us to acknowledge suffering more fully and to hold it compassionately. All humans...

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